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I was a model for Colby Models and Ryan Colby for 3 years. I never met anyone who made more than $100.00 total after being with them for 3 years. They prey on unsuspecting models and tell them all about the fame and money but all the time we went out and worked to pay their rent. They always lie and commit illegal acts but having sex with underage models and taking them into clubs to get money from promoters. The keep everyone quiet by threatening their carreers and making them believe if we do what they say we will make money. Bit the jobs never come. It is all lies and they are expert liars. They manipulate people and the internet to make themselves look good but recently everyone is leaving them. The make everyone feel like if they leave them they will be destroyed, They are liars, evil and are glorified pimps. Ryan has a temper so everyone is battered, Intimidation and threats and battering. Don't put your child here. Ryan has been having sex with underage boys for years and now he tries to pimp them out for money. These are slimey bad people, be warned. Do not wire this man money for show cards or pictures. It is a scam!

New York, New YorkU.S.A.

Ryan Colby was fired from Empire Model Management in Sept 2009.

AUTHOR: Empire model management, inc - (U.S.A.)

SUBMITTED: Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ryan Colby no longer works for Empire Model Management Inc. and has not since September 2009. I took action and fired him due to these types of complaints that were brought to my attention. I cant be responsible for the actions of a booker that works for Empire Model Management if I am unaware of what is going on. Empire Model Management works very hard on each model to ensure that they get the best representation for their career. We can only do our part! The models must be able to close the deal and do a good job when working for the top clients in the industry. We have learned a lot in our first 3 years of being in this business. It is cut throat and not for the weak hearted. We are capable just as many model management companies to get a good model in front of the decision makers of this business. We develop and transform females and males from ordinary everyday people into models that have the knowledge of what it takes to succeed.

Empire Model Management nor myself, Justin D. Peery has never been unprofessional with any model EVER!

I agree that having to say I Love you to an agent is absolutely ridiculous. We obviously will not tolerate this type of behavior from anyone.

Sadly it is not the person responsible for these actions that gets the bad rep. It is the agency that they worked for.

This criminal has a ten year track record for scamming models parents and young boys!


His models also wind up dead when they question him!

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $500. The author is overall dissatisfied with Colby Models and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about modeling agency from Colby Models was ryan colby Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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These are all false complaints Ryan has been the victim of false news and a jilted exlover not one of these complaints has any merit and Ryan’s 25 plus years helping 100’s of talent reach levels of success is the true testament to the truth. Please realize the internet is filled with trolls and hate mongers and see the facts not false reports hurting a good persons reputation

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1298167

I totally agree! I worked for him 1 year and he stole all my money!!!

He never paid me a single dollar, of course I have all the proof, I m sorry that you had a similar experience. This guy is a ....

to Anonymous #1431355

I hope everyone knows never to work for this guy

Irving, Texas, United States #1232087

YES He is really this bad. I modeled back in 2005-2006ish for a few years, moved to NYC and was repped by him for awhile.

It didn't take me long to see that he was a scam artist and a total creeper too. He was taking advantage of some of the dudes living there. He also would take us all out to the clubs to make cash off us from the club promoters. I was only 16 and getting hammered popping bottles in NYC.

I terminated my BS contract, and signed with a new manager and he tried to "black list" me at several agencies and would send me threats almost daily. I still was pretty successful in my time in NYC as a model/actor, and it was no thanks to Ryan Colby. You can find out pretty quickly who is reputable and who isn't in that town, always trust your gut because there are a lot of creeps in that industry. The reason these kind of people even exist is because so many people want in the industry and they WANT to believe they have a chance, so its easy for them to exploit people for sex and money.

Fun Fact- Colby was born with two tongues...

one right on top of the other, its why he talks so weird and has to eat all his food at room temperature. Not sure if he ever got surgery to correct it ( he always said he was gonna get it done), but last time I saw him the freak show was still in town.


Is he really that bad?!!


Ryan Colby still owes me $2600! I let my son go to this agency, Empire Model Management Inc.

in 2006. My son was hiding something from me, seemed afraid to talk ect...the list goes on. I'm glad a seen a complaint here because now Im going to bring a suite against this company. How dare you take advantage of my son like this you unprofessional PIGS!

Your going to pay for what you did to my son. Not only the $2600 but for ALL the pain and suffering.

How dare you touch my son. HOW DARE YOU!

See you in court you SOB's!


Ryan Colby owes me $1000.

He used one of our room for models.

He still didn't pay me back.

I am still waiting.

I guess I never can get money back.

I thought it was his company...

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #943615

I had the same issue with Ryan Colby he is a oversight sloppy man who just wanted to drink liqueur all day. Kept begging me for money and if you don't sleep with him or let him touch your private parts you will get no jobs.

It is a slow process any boys you see with him yes they slept with him.

I had to run in the middle of the night to get away from this man. He has some women working for him African American she goes by denise lee think she controls the money and will threaten you if ryan tells her to she is his puppet

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